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I have a 1950s 18K gold Omega watch with a cracked acrylic crystal. I see a few authentic Omega replacement crystals in the same size for sale online, and several different tools, I'm just wondering which tool is the best (but not too expensive) and
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Most of the older watches are opened from the back side with a tool that has "fingers" that fit into the square cutouts on the watch back. Once the back has been unscrewed or popped out, the workings can be removed to access the crystal. Keeping
Omega showcased its finest collection of watches here in Bangalore, at UB City, on Thursday. PH Narayana, brand manager, Omega and Sharjeel J, director, Zimson Times Pvt Ltd were present to unveil Omega�s finest jewellery watches.

These watches are not yet up for sale in ... Читать дальше »
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